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  • Basil and Garlic 

Greek colossal olives with chopped garlic and fresh Basil.

Clean and fresh tasting.

  • Kalamata 

Greek whole Kalamata olives with a smooth meaty texture.

  • Mixed olives with fresh lemon infused with a provence of herbs.

Greek green and Kalamata olives marinated with fresh lemon and infused with provence of herbs.

  • Spicy Pimento

Turkish olives stuffed with red pepper, marinated with a delicious Harissa sauce.

Sweet with a spicy edge.

• Garlic

Greek queen olives, stuffed with a Garlic clove, marinated with chopped Garlic.

These will not disappoint any garlic lover.

  • Chilli

Greek queen olives stuffed with piri piri chilli, marinated in a delicious harissa sauce.

These olives are for people who like it hot!

  • Almond

Greek queen olives stuffed with a whole almond. Cured to perfection with a delicious crunch

  •  Feta Cheese

Greek queen olives stuffed with Feta cheese. Smooth and sleek.

  • Pitted Green

Greek green olives lightly coated in oil.Firm and crisp with a creamy finish.

  • Sun-dried Tomato

Greek queen olives stiffed with sun dried tomato.  A beautiful combination.

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